December 2014

The December 2014 issue of The Beacon is now available.  In it you will find:

Reverend Blaine D. Crawford, The Search Committee
Christmas 2014 Calendar
Timing, A Christmas Message, Reverend Thomas C. Goodhart
Music Notes, Andrew Andela
Harvest Festival Report, Arden Beron
Wedding Announcement
Finance Committee Report, Doris Krsnak
Community Nursery School Report, Regina Schafer
Women's Christian Circle Report, Nina Knese Proschel
Women's Homeless Shelter Report, Maureen Saepia-Chen
and more

March 2014

The March 2014 issue of The Beacon is now available.  In it you will find:

Journey of Faith, Rev. Thomas Goodhart

Giving Something Up for Lent?, Sally Ann Castle

Congregational Care, Joan Werbel

Auction 2014, Marion and Ray Durney

Community Nursery School, Regina Schafer

Search Committee, Maureen Saepia-Chen

Sunday School, Arden Beron

Women’s Christian Circle, Nina Knese Proschel

Church on the Hill Ladies Shelter, Maureen Saepia-Chen