Mission and Vision

The Church on the Hill is called, as the body of Christ, to be a beacon of light and hope to our community and the world.

In Matthew 5:14, Jesus says, “You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid.”

Founded in 1927, Church on the Hill strives to do the things that Christ did while on earth: preach the gospel of God’s grace, bring comfort to the sick and to those in life’s later years, meet the spiritual and physical needs of people, and welcome young and old into fellowship with God.

Jesus also commanded us to be the light of the world. Thus, we strive to be a place that draws people to the light of Christ, by opening our doors to the community, worshiping God with music and prayer, going out into the world, feeding the hungry, giving shelter to the homeless, and nurturing children and care. We are a diverse congregation racially, ethnically, and generationally, mirroring our community and God’s intentions for all the nations of the earth. 

We seek to live out this mission through four core practices: worship, community, education, and service.