Our History

From our humble store front beginnings in 1927 with 69 charter members, to today‘s beautiful sanctuary and educational building, The Church on the Hill has been truly blessed over the years by the leadership of its pastors.  The Rev. Bradley J. Folensbee had the vision to begin our church.  In 1941 he was followed by the Rev. John C. DeMaagd who brought guidance and comfort to us during the difficult war years. The Rev. Frederick R. Bosch was called in 1947, leading us in two successful building programs.  In 1970 our fourth pastor was called, the Rev. Robert A. Perless.  He led us wisely with his inspirational sermons, and served us with his special gifts of compassion, humility and genuine love for people until he retired in September 2005. In June 2007 the Rev. Justin J. Meyers became our fifth Installed Minister. Justin served faithfully for 6 1/2 years. Our current minister, the Rev. Blaine D. Crawford began serving in January 2015.


Rev. Robert A. Perless

Rev. Perless was born and raised in Shamokin, PA. He graduated from Albright College (Reading, PA) in 1959 and New York Theological Seminary in 1963 and also attended New Brunswick Theological Seminary in NJ. He is married to the former Susan Lane of Douglaston, NY, and they have two children, Robert Jr. of Fairfield, CT, and Katherine of Monmouth, ME. They have five grandchildren. Rev. Perless served as the Associate Pastor of Parkway Community Church of Hicksville, NY, from 1964 to 1970. He served as Pastor of The Church on the Hill for thirty-five years, beginning in 1970 through 2005. During his tenure, the Church expanded its outreach to the community through the many community groups that brought life to the Education building. In addition, the homeless shelter program was established, and the congregation developed close ties to the Warwick Center, NY.

Rev. Frederick R. Bosch

Rev. Bosch was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated from Central College in 1927 with a BA; attended New Brunswick Theological Seminary, and received his BD degree from Rutgers University in 1930. He served in the 1st Church in Coxsackie, NY from 1937 to 1947. He then served The Church on the Hill from 1947 until his retirement in 1970.

Rev. John C. deMaagd

Born in Battle Creek, Michigan, graduated from Hope College in 1924, and from New Brunswick Seminary in 1927. He went to Japan in 1928 with his wife Marion and did evangelistic work in Beppu until 1934. Rev. deMaagd served Hopewell Reformed Church from 1935 to 1937. He returned to Japan and taught at Meiji College from 1937 to 1938 and then did evangelistic work in Kurume until 1941 when he returned and settled in Flushing. He returned to Japan after World War II and served as the RCA representative on the Council of Cooperation (liaison committee between United Churches in Japan and the Inter-Board Committee in America). He served The Church on the Hill from 1941 to 1947.

Rev. Bradley J. Folensbee

Graduated from Rutgers College in the class of 1915, and from the New Brunswick Theological Seminary of the Reformed Church in 1918. Besides the Bachelor of Arts, he was also awarded the Bachelor of Divinity in 1927 and Master of Theology in 1932, both from Rutgers University. Rev. Folensbee served as assistant to Rev. S. Blocker in the Union Reformed Church of High Bridge, New York City, in 1914, and as a missionary among the American Indians under the Women's Board of Domestic Missions during the summers of 1915, 1916, and 1917. He served Church on the Hill from 1927 to 1941 when he was called to serve as a military chaplain.


Charter Members

Mrs. Mary E. Ames
Mrs. Dorothy Antonius
Mrs. Caroline Conklin
Dr. Charles F. Dull
Mrs. Florence Dull
Charles T. Edgar
Mrs. Louise Enroth
Mrs. Minnie Feltman
William Feltman, Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth Ficken
Mrs. Barbara Folensbee
Miss Inga Frey
Mrs. Eva Gibney
Mrs. Lawrence Golde
Mrs. Mathilda Groll
Raymond Groll
Mrs. I. Gunkel
Mrs. Edith B. Harper
Edmund Henninger
William Henninger
Mrs. William Henninger
Mrs. Ethel Hobden
Mrs. Alice Hopkins
Mrs. George Hudson
Emil Kanzler
Carl Klappert
Alf Knag
Mrs. Anna Knag
Miss Edna Knag
Howard Knag
Lester Knag
Mildred Knag
Albert Lewry
Mrs. Wynona Lewry
Mrs. Mary Long
William Long
Mrs. Elizabeth Martin
Everett Martin
George Martin
Mrs. George Martin
Ernest McIver
Mrs. Ernest McIver
Albert Moore
Mrs. Eva Moore
Mrs. Edward A. Muller
Edmund Nolan
Karl Reutter
Mrs. Karl Reutter
William E. Richter
Kenneth Rogers
Mrs. Kenneth Rogers
Mrs. Annie Ross
Miss. Annie Ross
John Ross
Mrs. Minnie Schneider
William Schramm, Sr.
Mrs.William Schramm,Sr.
A. Melrose Simpson
Mrs. Clara Simpson
Mrs. Emma Smith
George Van Brunt
Mrs. George Van Brunt
Mrs. Mary Wenner
Mrs. Grace Whitworth
John W. Whitworth
David Zimmerman
Mrs. David Zimmerman
David A. Zimmerman
Mrs. John Zimmerman