July 21, 2019


* Congregation stands

BOLD – Congregation responds


PRELUDE            Prelude for Guitar No. 3        Patrick Mahowald


* CALL TO WORSHIP                                                   Sue Nicholas                         

Blessed is the Kingdom of the Father and of the Son

and of the Holy Spirit, now and forever.

O Lord God, your power is incomparable!

Your mercy is immeasurable!

Your love for human beings is unrestrained!

Unto you are due all the glory, honor, and worship

To the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now and forever,

And even unto the ages. Amen. 

*Sanctus (pew card)




* HYMN No. 60                                      Great Is Thy Faithfulness



Giver of life, we surrender to you.

We wait with you to offer the hope that comes from the cross

to earth’s darkest places.

Where pain is deep and affection is withheld:

Let genuine kindness and compassion break through.

Where justice is destroyed, 

Let sensitivity to injustice spring up.

Where hope is dim and crucified, 

Let the light of Christ and Spirit of God persist.

Where peace has been ignored and denied, 

Let the peace of Christ that surpasses all understanding live on.

Where truth is trampled underfoot, 

Let the resurrection of Christ be revealed. 

Where fear paralyzes, 

Let forgiveness, and your perfect love that casts out fear,


Eternal God, reach into the silent darkness of our souls

with the radiance of the cross.

Forgive us oh Lord we pray.

Deliver us from every evil.

(Prayer of Silent Confession)

Kyrie (sung): Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.



Joyful is the song we make this morning!

For Christ liberates us from doubt and fear.

Thankful is the song we sing!

For Christ moves us past darkness and despair.

Hopeful is the prayer upon our lips!

For Christ awakens in us long-awaited new life.

Jesus said, “Where two or more are gathered in my

name, I am there among them.”

Christ lives here and now. 

He is among us at this and every moment!

May his peace and presence be known to you.

And also to you. 

Let us greet one another with expressions of Christian love.


ANTHEM                Crying in the Chapel                Elvis Presley

Soloist – Patrick Mahowald

You saw me crying in the chapel

The tears I shed were tears of joy
I know the meaning of contentment
I am happy with the Lord

Just a plain and simple chapel
Where all bumble people go to pray
I prayed the Lord that I'll grow stronger
As I live from day to day

I searched (I searched) and I searched (I searched) but I couldn't find
No way on earth to gain peace of mind

Now I'm happy in the chapel
Where people are of one accord (One accord)
Yes, we gather in the chapel

Just to sing and praise the Lord

You'll search and you'll search but you'll never find
No way on earth to find peace of mind"



     Lord’s Prayer (pew card)

*HYMN No.593                                                     The Gift of Love


Prayer of Illumination             

God of Life,

Your spirit raised Jesus from the dead.

Your Spirit inspired the prophets and writers of Scripture.

Your Spirit draws us to Christ

And helps us to acknowledge Jesus as Lord. 

Your Holy spirit is with us here and now.

We welcome your Spirit

to give us deeper insight,

encouragement, faith, and hope

That is in the power of your word today. Amen.



Isaiah 45:1-22                                                    p. 588 - 589

Colossians 3:1-17                                                p. 957 - 958

This is the Word of the Lord.

Thanks be to God.


SERMON                    Planted in Christ            Johanna Mason


The Apostles’ Creed (pew card)


Offertory                             Believe                                      Hillsong

Soloist - Johanna Mason

I say on Sunday how much I want revival

But then on Monday, I can't even find my Bible

Where's the power

The power of the cross in my life

I'm sick of playing the game of religion

I'm tired of losing my reason for living

Where's the power

The power of the cross in my life

I'm not content just to walk through my life, giving in

To the lies, walking in compromises now

We cry out as a generation that was lost

But now is found in the power of the cross

We believe in You

We believe in the power of Your Word that is true

We believe in You

So we lay down our cause

That our cross might be found in You

I'm not satisfied doing it my own way

I'm not satisfied to do church and walk away

I'm not satisfied there's no love in my life but You

I'm not satisfied living in yesterday's hour

I'm not satisfied to have the form but not the power

I'm not satisfied, Lord I am crucified in You


* The Doxology (pew card)          

* Prayer of Dedication


* HYMN No. 21                                            How Great Thou Art




POSTLUDE                  Presbyterian Guitar                John Hartford



Summer Worship

Beginning July 7th, and continuing through Labor Day Sunday, September 1st, the services will begin at 10:00 A.M.


Bargain Boutique

The Bargain Boutique is closed for the summer. Please hold all your donations until it reopens in September.


Yoga in the Yard

The weekly yoga class has moved out to the church lawn for the summer. The class meets on Saturday mornings from 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. All ability levels are welcome! Mats are available for use. There is no cost for the class or the use of mats.


Looking Ahead – Mark your calendars!

·       Tues. July 23        7:30 PM   Adult Bible Study

·       Sat. July 27          8:30 AM   Yoga in the Yard


Remember the following individuals in your daily prayer:

Diane Blagburn, Michael Breazzano, Lillian Calfa, David Cerqueira, Allegra DeMelo, Jolie Dunham, Lucas Ditta, `Joan Dwyer, Matt Field,  Frocione family, Jose Gracinda, Jayne Halley, Bernice Herbert, Hotchkiss Family, Ken Hoey, Kimberly Kim, Jason Knese, Jane Lynch, Jorge and Tiffany Martinez, Eva Munoz, Larry Murray, Joan Pearson, Kook Ryo, Janet Stillwagon, Alison Venable, Daniel Walsh, Janet Willemain, and Dennis Wink