September 11, 2016

PRELUDE:    Voluntary VII    John Stanley         

    Nathalie Wang, organist         



* SANCTUS (pew card)             

* CALL TO WORSHIP (based on Psalm 14)    Nancy Gessner

Leader:    The foolish say, "There is no God! We are alone, on our own."

People:     We gather to declare the glory of God in our lives.

Leader:     The foolish say, "It is your life; you are accountable to no one."

People:     We gather, strengthened by the Spirit, trusting that Christ dwells in our hearts.

Leader:    The foolish say, "Everything I have is mine; I owe nothing to anyone."

People:    We gather to praise the One who calls us to serve others in love.

* HYMN No. 522    Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us

* PRAYER OF CONFESSION  (unison)     

God of wisdom, we confess the foolishness of our ways, and our failure to follow you in your paths of right relationships –with you and with others. We have gone astray; we feel lost. We have upheld our own interests first, to the detriment of others. We have failed to be generous with the poor, and abandoned our efforts to bring about justice. We feel the stains of our sins, God; have mercy on us according to your steadfast love. Wash the sinfulness out of us, and help us to live more faithfully as your servants. We seek your unfailing Lordship and ask for your guiding hand on our lives. You are the immortal, invisible One; to you be honor and glory forever; amen.

* KYRIE (pew card)



Leader:    Herein is wisdom.

People:    Glory be to God.

* Gloria Patri(pew card)

THE ACT OF PRAISE        He, Watching Over Israel     Mendelssohn

Elizabeth Mahowald, Sora Choi, Emerson Chen, James Nicholas      


    Lord’s Prayer (pew card)

    Response     Cast Thy Burden upon the Lord     Mendelssohn         

* HYMN No. 62    Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise     

SCRIPTURE READINGS    1 Timothy 1:12-17    Pg. 961 

                                          Luke 15:1-10    Pg. 850

This is the Word of the Lord.

Thanks be to God.

SERMON                        Living with Faith and Hope    Sally Ann Castle

* CONFESSION OF FAITH     based on the Belhar Confession

We share one faith, have one calling, are of one soul and one mind; have one God and Father, are filled with one Spirit, are baptized with one baptism, eat of one bread and drink of one cup, confess one Name, are obedient to one Lord, work for one cause, and share one hope. Together we come to know the height and the breadth and the depth of the love of Christ; are built up to the stature of Christ, to the new humanity; know and bear one another's burdens, thereby fulfilling the law of Christ that we need one another and up build one another, admonishing and comforting one another; that we suffer with one another for the sake of righteousness. Together we pray; together we serve God in this world.


         Offertory:    How Lovely Are the Messengers    Mendelssohn

    * The Doxology(pew card)      

    * Prayer of Dedication

* HYMN No. 649    We Give Thee but Thine Own   

Blessing of Little Dresses for Africa

Leader: God of love and comfort today we celebrate one of the ministries of Church on the Hill. We give thanks for the opportunity to share a tangible gift, little dresses, with children in need. Without even knowing who would receive them, these little dresses were made specifically for the children who will receive them.

People: May they see the intricate love and care given to the making of these dresses, mirroring the intricate love and care that God bestows on all people.

Woman #1: These dresses were made to bring comfort to children who feel unworthy.

People: May they feel comfort in knowing that someone prayed for them as they pieced it together.

Woman #2: These dresses were made to bring peace to little girls in need of love and prayer.

People: May they feel the power of our prayers as they feel the garments on their bodies.

Woman #3: These dresses were made to remind the recipients that they are part of God’s community.

People: May they feel touched by our love, moved by our support and lifted up by our prayers.

All: God of creation, redemption and sustaining grace, we praise you for the opportunity to take part in this ministry so that we might see a world beyond ours. We thank you for putting those in need on our hearts and in our minds so that we might fully live out your call to love and serve. We ask that you bless these dresses and those who will receive them. May they feel the love comfort and peace of your presence. May your light shine in them and be a beacon of the hope that is promised to all of us Amen.


Leader: May the power of the Holy Spirit live and breathe within each one of us, through these little dresses and through the lives they will touch.

People: Shower us all with your loving grace, O God. Amen.


     Response     Sevenfold Amen     Stainer         

POSTLUDE:    Trio Sonata II    J.S. Bach



We welcome Sally Ann Castle to our pulpit today. She is a May 2016 graduate of the RCA’s New Brunswick Theological Seminary, where she received her Master of Divinity Degree with honors. A native of Queens and lifelong member of the Reformed Church, Sally Ann is a Candidate for Ministry Under Care of the Queens Classis who comes with strong local church leadership experience as Elder and worship leader at the Church on the Hill (RCA) in Flushing. Sally Ann is currently seeking a ministry position in the pastoral care/chaplaincy field.

We thank Nathalie Wang for serving as our organist today. Nathalie was born in Shanghai, China, where she began studying piano at the age of five.  On full scholarship, Ms. Wang studied organ at the Royal Academy of Music in London under Nicolas Kynaston.  Later, she continued her studies at the Julliard School of Music with Paul Jacobs.  She had masterclasses with several renowned professors including Matthew Martin, James O’Donnell, Lionel Rogg, Anne Page, William McVicker, and Oliver Latry. Ms. Wang has performed in recitals in Shanghai, London, Denmark and New York. 

We thank Emerson Chen, Sora Choi, Elizabeth Mahowald and James Nicholas for sharing their musical talents to enhance our worship service.