Vacation Bible School 2014


Monday August 11- Friday August 15
9:30am – 12:30pm
Registration:  through July 31st. - $40.00/child
Church Office hours:
     Monday – Friday 10am – 2pm

     (718) 358-3671


Where Jesus’s Love is One-of-a-Kind

Kids love “Weird Animals”…. weird is wonderful. The ‘weirder’ the better!  God created each one of us, unique and special.  This year at VBS the most special, unique, rare, never-before-seen animals help kids discover what Jesus’ endless love means in their lives!

Unconditional Love Meets Never-Ending Truth…. Kids will experience and be empowered by all of the unexpected and, yes, weird ways that Jesus demonstrated unconditional love.  From healing lepers to washing the feet of his disciples, the Bible is filled with accounts of Jesus’s one-of-a-kind love.

The Golden Rule in Action…. Love changes everything – especially the way we see and treat others.  Kids leave VBS knowing Jesus loves them unconditionally and are inspired to LOVE OTHERS the same way!

Every activity is intentionally created so kids hear, see, sing, touch, and even ‘taste’ truth from the Bible.  Plus, kids apply what they’ve learned from Scripture as they serve others and ‘watch for God’ in everyday life.

See you all soon!