Lenten Mission 2019

HousingPlus Welcome Kit & Household Item

Since 2002, HousingPlus has provided community-based housing and comprehensive services to women to support them in overcoming poverty, homelessness, addiction, trauma, and the effects of incarceration, in order to build lives of stability, and to define and realize goals for themselves and for their families. We serve some of the most vulnerable women in New York City--female veterans, those with substance use histories, and women with criminal justice backgrounds. Recently, we re-sharpened our focus to move women out of the women’s jail in New York City--who are being detained simply because they are poor, homeless, and unable to pay bail--into transitional housing in the community. We offer these women the chance to meet their court mandates while living in supportive housing in the community, in which they can begin to stabilize and become self-sufficient, with the ultimate goal of moving into permanent housing.

Over half of the women who move into our transitional housing from Rikers Island are either pregnant or were the primary caregivers of their children prior to their detention. In 2019, we have expanded our focus to more robustly serve these women, helping those who are pregnant keep their newborns with them when they arrive in our housing, and helping mothers reunite with their children from whom they were separated. Women come to us from Rikers Island with nothing but the clothes on their back, and our on-site case managers help them get connected to benefits, connect them to services in the community, and help them find stable employment so they can care for themselves and their families. Public benefits are a critical bridge from homelessness to self-sufficiency, but many basic personal necessities such as laundry detergent, shampoo, tampons, diapers, and baby wipes are not covered--placing a huge strain on a woman’s already limited budget and making things most people consider a necessity, a luxury.

As the Church on the Hill community enters the Lenten season, we hope you’ll put a spirit of renewal into practice by collecting the items below to help the women in our program start a new life in their new homes with their children. Items can be brought to worship and dropped off at the back of the sanctuary. The final day for collection is April 28.

Personal Items

●      Shampoo & conditioner

●      Hair accessories

●      Deodorant / Body Spray

●      Bar soap / Bodywash & Loofah

●      Women’s disposable razors (sensitive)

●      Toothbrushes / Toothpastes (full size)

●      Mouthwash (full size)

●      Vaseline (small jar)

●      Pads / tampons

●      White Socks (sizes S-3X)


●      Toothbrushes / Toothpastes (full size)

●      Night lights

●      Children's multi vitamins (gummy/chewable)

●      Pampers/pull ups (all sizes)

●      Baby wipes

●      Hair accessories (i.e. bands, clips)

●      Bubble bath / Bath toys for children

●      White Socks (all children’s sizes)

Miscellaneous Items

●      Bath towels

●      Dish soap

●      Sponges

Paper Towels     

Toilet paper